With Respect to Gloria Gaynor

It looks as though I won’t be moving out to the middle of the desert. I would have if the job at Edwards, the same one that I interviewed for last week, had worked out. But it didn’t, so now’s the time to move on.

Today has been a painful experience while I floundered at my first real job application, just the same as when I screwed up my first relationship. With all the new things to worry about that aren’t pre-programmed into our heads, the job seeking situation is complex, difficult, and slightly worrying.

That is not to say that I’m devastated; on the contrary, I’m far from that. Few people ever are successful at their first interview, and frankly, I believe that there is much better work to be had that would fit me more suitably. But just like when we bring home that girl with the back tattoo and the piercings to mom and dad with excitement for finally attracting the attention of a woman, there was a lot to appreciate about this position and the potential that it brought.


As I type out this post, I laugh slightly when I remember that my initial intentions were to chronicle my journey towards Disney. By contrast, a job as a navigation test engineer at Edwards Air Force base doesn’t seem much in line with my overall goals (which are still planted firmly in my heart, by the way), it would have been an interesting opportunity for my professional engineering career nonetheless. My desires to work in the amusement park industry far surpass anything else I know of at this point, but I keep in mind that my career is a long time period, and therefore I’d like to take the time now to expand my horizons before settling down into hopefully my final employment position. Adaptability is one of my primary assets, and I would be a fool if I didn’t practice being adaptable while my time and energy are available.

Instead of wallowing in self pity though, I just came back from enjoying a delicious beer in what is probably my favorite place on Earth: my front porch. It is a relaxing place, that, with proper company, allows me to fully focus on anything that is important to me at that point in time, from women to jobs (which are surprisingly similar). Of course, it is hurtful to think that I’m not what they’re looking for, but the benefit of my situation is that I believe if this job was meant to be, it would have happened. Therefore, it was not meant to be.

I want to share this first in my life with you so that I can explain what exactly makes me worried and what I have learned from it. I am worried about the possibility of my career not starting when I need it to. This has no (okay, barely any) relation to the Ferrari that I had planned for my honeymoon if I found work, but instead mostly revolves around the responsibilities that I am expecting for married life. I’m worried that I won’t be able to provide. Now, what have I learned? I’ve learned more about the application/interview process, I’ve learned more about the way I act in unfamiliar territory, and I can say that I’ve learned a bit more about the current job market as a whole and the waters through which I will wade to find a job.

The feeling of being unwanted is difficult to live with, but I believe that more chances will arise. I look forward to the people I will meet and that wonderful goal that I will finally reach, and the company that will help me keep my sanity in the time until that happens, whether it be good friends or good beer. I know I will get the opportunity that I need sometime soon, and for any readers who are also turned down, please do not be discouraged. For I know that I will find my way. I will take chances. And, with respect to Gloria Gaynor, I will survive.


~ by MichaelStaudenmeir on March 29, 2011.

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