Delicious Strawberry Banana Cake

I am enjoying some delicious strawberry-banana cake right now for a co-worker’s birthday. Fun times. The current job I’m working at, while not specifically related to anything in the direction of my eventual career, has been a great opprotunity, and while the common social guideline is for people to hate their jobs, I see enough opprotunities for people of my own age (or anyone with relaxed financial needs) to try different experiences and see what can be learned.

Before my current office (a medical specialty clinic), I taught an after school theater class for elementary school students. While that sounds like one of the cliche things for guys that are trying to pick up on women (playing the “oh he’s so sweet” card), the opprotunity came for me when I was in need of money and my fiance’s mom referred me to a position she saw open.

Before I continue, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to inform your friends and family when you’re looking for a job and what you’re willing/able to do. That’s my disclaimer for the evening.

Anyway, I happen to love kids about as much as I like trying new things. So I applied, interviewed, and got accepted, which overall was a wonderful experience. I got to teach kids about old stories that I had forgotten after so many years and I spent a lot of time with wonderful teachers who were passionate about kids and their developmental status. Personally, the best thing to come of the experience was my time just hanging out with the kids, and the joys that they brought me from simply being characteristically welcoming was a special treat that I wouldn’t have expected from a job if I hadn’t taken the chance.

After the teaching position, I began working for a medical company where, over the past two years, I have been moved through primary care and specialty offices, including a gynecology office (THAT was an experience!). I had never considered working in the medical field (my stomach wouldn’t allow it) before I applied, but the flexible hours and competitive pay gave an initial incentive, while the community of employees has really made my stay enjoyable. Most of the nurses and assistants have been very nice people that, while quick to pass of work to a lower employee (me), are respectful and appreciative of hard work. The doctors are an interesting bunch, almost as interesting as the patients, but I have to say my respect for their work is very strong after more closely observing their job. Despite the complaints from short sighted patients who believe they learned more from Google than a physician who has spent seven years of their lives outside of the university to train, every doctor I’ve spoken with has stated frankly that the patients are the greatest joy in their hard work, and helping people gives them the strength to go to work every day. That kind of care is rare in this world, and even though doctors make mistakes, I want to return that courtesy as much as possible with each visit to my own physician. Overall, working in a medical office has been exciting and refreshing in both the work being accomplished and the people that I’ve worked with, and the information about insurance and healthcare has been beneficial as well.

If someone were to write a biography about my life sometime in the future, these work experiences may be no more than a strange sentence among a much more uniform employment structure, but they have been great and important experiences nonetheless. Since I have the free time and no financial restrictions, why not make the most of the situation? I think that the benefits of varying work experiences is universal to modern people because you get to try a lot of different flavors of cake. While you probably won’t enjoy all of them, at least you have piece of mind and a little perspective when you have the right slice.


~ by MichaelStaudenmeir on October 22, 2010.

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