August Crush

Well, tomorrow starts a new semester. But for now, I’d like to reflect a bit over what has happened over the past week.

My short vacation was surprisingly action packed, with two (not one, but two!) trips to Six Flags Magic Mountain, a visit to San Diego’s Wild Animal Park, and a stay in Las Vegas, all of which have left me with a sparkling August crush that will keep my spirits up as school begins. Beyond that, my sister had her 24th birthday, which was a great time for everyone, and I have kept a healthy work schedule. While I wish this vacation lasted longer, it feels like a good time to settle back into my prior routine.

So, Las Vegas. That was fun. I had never been to (or seen) Las Vegas before, much to the surprise of my friends and family, so my mother and sister offered to take me in celebration of my hard work. Despite the sweltering heat, it was wonderful to be in such a unique location with such colorful (ahem) people. I made the most of this excursion by playing some poker, which I had never done at a casino before (and came home with more money than I had left with), and enjoying the refreshing and delightful scene that was characteristic to the strip’s primary resorts. I even had the opportunity to shoot a fully automatic AK-47, which is apparently legal there. Truth be told; being a man of mechanical interests myself, the sporting arms world has always been a fascination to me, along with airplanes, cars, trains, and of course, roller coasters. If you find yourself in the opportunity to visit that gun range, I highly recommend it.

With all the running around, my time with Ashley was disappointingly limited. She accompanied me in San Diego for the Wild Animal park, which has been her desire to visit for some time, but our schedules seemed to clash as they do every so often. Of course, this is something to be expected, and frankly I don’t want to sour our relationship by spending too much time with her, but I tend to get irritated with her when time goes by between us, and she isn’t as excited to see me as I expect. Yes, I admit; this is completely lame and stupid. But I am human; my life revolves around the lame and stupid at times. Sometimes I wish that my logical thought process could be applied more in my relationship to avoid such silly and irrational behavior, but something in me keeps telling me that the emotional experience that drives us through each day in our relationships is worth the frustration and disappointment. History has proven that to be true so far, so I’ll stick with it.

Speaking of history; while my engineering developments have subsided (until tomorrow, of course), earlier today I decided to take a look into the history of Burbank. This is random enough of me, and it actually began after watching some of Steven Spielberg’s “The Animaniacs” cartoons (quite possibly the greatest cartoon show in history, in my own humble opinion), in which the Warners live in the studio in Burbank, CA.

Emblem for the show

Many of the local cities and landmarks are mentioned sporadically in the show, which made me wonder: how special/significant is Burbank for the creators of this show to refer to it so often? After reading through the Wikipedia article, I was fascinated by the initial development and continued growth into the multimedia hub that it has become today. With each historical figure and studio background, the story of a small town that changed the world became a multitude of fairy tales, each with a unique viewpoint, from which to share a experiences. It is no wonder that the writers for “The Animaniacs” wanted to include references to some of the people and places found in Burbank.

The research I did branched off into learning about the Warner Bros. studio history, as well as some of the other studio lots, but I won’t bore you with any of the details that you may not appreciate as much as me. I will, however, state that, while Burbank and the Los Angeles area in general have grown in incredible and exciting ways, I see a lot of potential still to influence the minds of millions. Let’s let that happen.


~ by MichaelStaudenmeir on August 24, 2010.

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