Tonight, I stood on a hillside to watch the meteor shower go by. After what has been a very long week, I am excited to be back here to share some things.

First and foremost in my mind is the end of the summer school term. While I worked hard to learn the things in my classes, I am reminded once again how stressful the finalization of a semester can be. My group presented our project today, the roller coaster hill that I was very excited to share about, and it simply did not go well. Our group had very poor communication, and there was never a time when I was able to get all the group members together. It was a learning experience by providing insight in how not to run a group. I guess that, with a bittersweet word, I can say that Thomas Edison’s famous quip about finding 10,000 ways that won’t work is all too familiar a feeling.

Which brings me to my next point. Now, this blog was created with the intention of highlighting my professional career towards Imagineering at Disney, but over the past week, I could not help but feel that I should take advantage of the great flexibility that comes with a personal blog. Truly, I can share whatever I want about my life, and ask any questions that come to mind; in fact, the first such question I’ll pose is this: what is the extent of purpose using optimism in life? For most of my life I have shoved, sometimes failing, to maintain an optimistic outlook on life. That is not to say pessimism is the norm in my life; rather, there’s a delicate and secretive balance of the events that happen to me in life, and the method by which my brain attempts to with these events with a positive light and a negative light, non-systematically. Yesterday, for example, Ashley came to me about her job, frustrated and worried about the current situation, and looking for support for a way out. Typically, my response is to show her how to fix her problem, by either talking to her boss directly, putting in for a transfer, etc. Usually, I am optimistic towards her current employment potential, mentioning the positives of a steady paycheck, and frankly stating that she shouldn’t be complaining. There was something about yesterday, however, that simply clicked differently in my mind, and instead of trying to change Ashley’s mind, I decided to be supportive. It meant that I now believed that her current job (which is managed by a vile parasite of a woman, in my own humble opinion) is poorly directed and eventually hopeless; however, this opened the door to new and exciting opportunities. So in a way, my mindset evolved to optimistic about her wishes and pessimistic towards the current situation, whereas before the opposite would appear true.

I think that I need to be optimistic. Not only some of the time; I think I need to be optimistic every moment of every day. From the stories I’ve read about Walt Disney, he appears to be among the most optimistic people in the world, turning an idea with a meek outlook into an  exciting and profitable model that other people strive to follow. And from the way I hear people talk about Walt that knew him personally; I want to be like him.

But what does that really mean, to be like someone? I refuse to change my heart and soul, which reflect the unique experiences of my past, in order to mimic another person’s experience, simply because I believe that would be a detriment by working against the flow by which my brain works naturally. When I want to be like someone, I suppose that I pick a quality or two that that individual possesses, and try to find a new way to make it fit me. However, in the case of optimism; is that what I need to become? And as much as I would like to see things in a positive light, is that even possible for me? At this point, I simply don’t know for sure.

While I think that I need to be optimistic in order to be a successful…. a successful Michael Staudenmeir, the reality will come into play as life goes on. Rather than forcing my senses to observe through rose colored glasses or a shadowed cowl, I think that with a combination of logic, emotion, and belief I will be able to make the right decisions to support the people around me or try to show them another path, for every situation possible. Only time will prove this hypothesis one way or the other.


~ by MichaelStaudenmeir on August 13, 2010.

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